Ost West Cargo


We speak the language of your destinations with the assistance of our international subsidiaries and are constantly in contact with our drivers.  We manage and control the full external deployment of all our vehicles in real-time with the fleet management of our system partner TomTom.   Intelligent navigation not only enables locating vehicles at any time, but also assists in optimising stages of the process and in continuously updating the orders.

Our staff has well founded knowledge of customs systems, the conditions typical of the different countries and the legal regulations applicable in each case.  Regular training on current driving and resting time ordinances and the regulations for transporting hazardous goods guarantee the highest degree of safety for your freight.

We implement your order for freight forwarding conscientiously and with a lot of know-how.  Last, but not least, this includes the quality selection of our partners.  We check their competence and efficiency carefully before cooperating with them and make them commit themselves to maintaining our company guidelines and instructions.


  • Our GPS supported Truck Control System enables monitoring of your delivery at any time.
  • Our quality management was certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015.
  • Trained, multi-lingual staff knows the legal regulations for all countries and can take over complete customs processing.
  • Ost-West Cargo ensures the conscientious and safe transport of your high-value goods.
  • Regular training and well founded knowledge of ADR regulations guarantee the safe transportaion of your hazardous goods.
  • The linking up of all process stages ensures fast and effective transportation of your goods.


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