Ost West Cargo

Social responsibility

For Ost-West Cargo as a freight forwarder the idea of a common world does not end with the transport of goods, we also assume Social Responsibility. Our focus is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in this world.


SOS Kinderdorf

Since many years Ost-West Cargo is supporting children and young people who can not live anymore with their own families with donations to SOS-Kinderdorf. According to the ideas of the founder Hermann Gmeiner our contribution helps children without a safe home and creates a long-term impact on their life. In the SOS-Kinderdörfer the boys and girls make probably their first experience with family values and personal support, this helps them on their way to a self-determined life.

Orphanage project in Indonesia

On the island of Java in Indonesia an orphanage for homeless children and young people is run privately. This project began in 2002 with the adoption of two orphans, currently 91 children found a new home in the orphanage. Our donations provide them with food and clothing and ensure that they receive medical care and school education. In 2019 the sanitary facilities in the orphanage have to be expanded and a small kitchen should be installed.

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